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3 Keys to Great Social Media Customer Service

Without question, Social Media is a powerful tool nowadays for maintaining a good customer-brand connection. Customers spend most of their time on Social Media, while also seeking for interactions with brands on social platforms.

Statistics show that 90% of Social Media users have used Social Media to communicate with a brand. And, 63% of customers expect companies to offer Social Media Customer Service.

What else to say here? Brands have got to listen to their customers’ wants and needs, don’t they? So, here we are to tell you 3 keys that brands should use in providing a great Social Media Customer Service. Let’s get to them now!

Respond Fast to Messages

Response time is a major factor while handling customer complaints and issues on Social Media. According to the information provided by UK Website Builder, 42% of customers who complain on Social Media expect a response from a brand within 1 hour. 32% of customers expect a response within 30 minutes and 11% expect an immediate response from a brand on social media.

Moreover, 24% of customers say that first contact resolution in social media messaging is the most important aspect. So, whenever brands are getting that message from a customer on Social Media, they better consider replying and solving his/her problem fast!

What if they don’t? Well, poor response time can lead to up to 15% increase in customer churn. Not answering to a complaint can decrease customer advocacy by as much as 50%. Would they want that? We don’t think so!

Show Empathy

Showing empathy and thoughtfulness in Customer Service on Social Media is a major win. Brands can always make their customers feel how much they care about them, their complaints and issues, doing everything possible to help them in a kind way. Customers will appreciate that forever. Believe us! In fact, 65% of people have more brand loyalty if a brand effectively reaches out to them on social. And, 71% of consumers with positive Social Media Customer Service experiences are likely to recommend the brand to others. Now, of course brands would want that, wouldn’t they?

Take Control Over the Messy Situations

While responding fast and with empathy to complaints on Social Media is key, it is also equally important to take control over the issue. Brands should do whatever they can to transfer the complaint off social media, on a more non-public platform. They should even ask for direct contact: it will be much more professional, time-efficient and valuable both for brands and for their customers.

If a complaint doesn’t get handled properly, most probably a PR nightmare is awaiting the brand. Why? Because there is the most probable chance of the complaint being shared publicly on social media by the customer. Thus, it is always best to take control over a customer complaint on Social Media before the negative word will go viral. In fact, statistics show that 31% of customers post online after having a bad Customer Service experience. Would brands want that? Again, we don’t think so!



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